About Us

TransIndia® is a Nonwoven Manufacturing group established in year 1988. Producing wide range of Nonwoven Products, TransIndia® Nonwoven Carpets are made and sold in various ranges and categories across India. Manufacturing and distribution centers in four states of India, TransIndia® has established it self as a renowned brand in the Nonwoven carpets in the Trans Indian Space.

TransIndia® is able to provide their customers with over ten Years of design and manufacturing expertise. We offer:

  1. A full line of products for nonwoven carpet products in diverse markets.
  2. Custom products specifications to meet specific end use requirements.
  3. Development expertise for the creation of next generation non woven carpet solutions.

The range of nonwoven carpet products produces and sold include -

  • Flat Nonwoven carpet (up to 3 Meter Width)
  • Structure Non woven Carpet(Rib Carpet) Both in Soft Backing & Hard Backing (Up to 2.5 Meter Width)
  • Automotive Nonwoven carpets , a full range of Nonwoven carpets for the Cars, Bus and other Automobiles
  • Speaker Felt (up to 3 Meter Width)
  • Nonwoven Coated Colored Felt (up to 3 Meter Width)
  • Floor mats for Home Furnishing ,Car and Other Automotives.