These Products are made with high standard in Process quality, Correct Raw Material and On Sophisticated Machinery to deliver reliable supplies in both quantity and quality to achieve required durability and décor. Trans India non woven products meet out international standards of fiber cohesion, in complete surroundings. They have stain resistance properties, good thermal insulation and antistatic properties. The available range of shades is shown overleaf.

Our Production process are designed to Enhance the end product performance ,Increase production efficiency and Provide cost containment for our customer's processes and operations.

Our prodiction process are equipped to

  • Offer UV protection
  • Be tailored to provide the proper linear strength and web consistency
  • Be manufactured in various colors and patterns
  • Be designed to meet flame retardency requirements


For best installation of products should be done by a professional. It should be laid on an even surface which is clean and dry to ensure life, but on uneven surfaces or otherwise with the use of underlay the Carpet can be installed. Carpet should preferably be glued to floor with rubber adhesive; other synthetic adhesives are also used for the purpose. After stretching fully and adhesive should be applied evenly throughout. Use carpet from same batch for a given area to avoid slight variation in carpet shade from batch due to variation in fiber as limitation of dying techniques brings slight shade variation from batch to batch.

Maintenance & Stain Removal

Though soft carpet brush can be used, use of vacuum cleaner is recommended. Prompt stain removal is important. Best if done daily.

Specifications are subject to change due to technical improvements

Product Profile

  • Flat format
  • Ribbed format
  • Velour format
  • Any of the above combination

We will work from your specification or just a concept. Special low volume needs can be met. Don't accept "off the shelf" products when you have a specific need.