Manufacturing Process

We at TransIndia® have a good combination of latest machinery and experience workforce to back the same to produce the desired Non-Woven Carpets in both quality and quantity as per customer requirement.

Some of the Main Features of our Manufactuing Process Are

  • State of the Art production capacity to cater any demand for floor coverings, automotive felts.
  • Capable to produce wide spectrum of products through Structuring ,Heat sealing, mechanical, chemical and thermal bonding to suit customer’s requirement.
  • Technologically equipped to compete.
  • Ability to produce differentiated and highly designated products in large volumes at its highest quality.
  • Well equipped Quality Lab within the shop floor stresses for upgraded process formulation and better control.
  • Present capacity : more than 3 millions sq. mtrs / annum
  • Large capacities to produce Felts for Automotive Sector

Our Manufacturing Strength

  • Repeatability & reproducibility with accuracy
  • Commitment in services and supplies
  • Continual improvement ,Offers ‘True value for money’
  • Qualified and experienced personnel
  • Always strive for cost efficient solutions for each and every process / function
  • The culture of continuous improvement via in house process improvement by understanding the process and investment in time and effort to achieve the improved process has resulted in High productive workforce in terms of innovation and delivery in the field of nonwoven carpets.
  • Very much concerned about energy conservation all across the company
  • Recycling of wastage to make environment eco-friendly
  • Believes in creative and innovative technological concepts and solutions for better satisfaction of the customer
  • Investing in latest technologies for process up-gradations
  • Safe, healthy and vibrant working culture
  • Systematic approach is the key parameter of all pre assigned functions for designed business growth
  • Dynamic leadership at each functional level