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TransIndia® a member of a multifunctional “Feathertouch group” with a vision is to be the market leader for Non-Woven in India. TransIndia® is a brand established to cater to specialty / engineered Non-Woven carpets products customized for Trans Indian needs.

TransIndia® have a strong and long standing relationship with customers in technical, prompt and efficient service. Feathertouch Group by being close to the market maintains its market and consolidates its position around the region. TransIndia® has been a leading supplier of Non-Woven Carpet products since 1988. Our clients include some of the largest exporters and industrial houses in India. We have Non-Woven carpet manufacturing capabilities for Non-Woven carpets and have all Non-Woven carpet finishing facilities to produce Mats.

These carpets are made considering the Indian environmental and usage conditions. The product range include both industrial and domestic Non-Woven carpets such as Automotive Carpets, Carpets Used in Marine Application , Carpets used in Exhibitions and Cinema Halls, Carpets for domestic Matt and House hold Floors etc.

Fibers used are : Polyester, Polypropylene.

Our main object is to supply quality products at competitive prices with excellent service, correct and up-to-date products mixed to the entire satisfaction of the customers. Also, TransIndia® continues to serve customers the way its services are needed by the market. Our quality and consistency repeatedly exceed our valued client's expectations. We look forward to working with you to supply your Non-Woven carpet needs.